Who is The Medicare Coachâ„¢

Here’s a little background on how I became The Medicare Coach….. In 2009 we implemented the first trademarked Medicare Coach program in the nation. Actually I started out as a coach after playing basketball at Kansas State for the legendary Tex Winter in the mid 1960’s.

I got my degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in education from K-State in 1968, and spent the next 20 years at Kansas State working in the capacity as an assistant basketball coach, fundraiser for the KSU Foundation and Executive Director of the K-State Alumni Association.

In 1989, I joined Keating and Associates, a financial services company right here in the Little Apple, and I’ve been with the firm ever since.

After completing all my certification requirements in the areas of life and health insurance, I specialized in designing Long-Term care protection plans for our clients and soon realized that they knew very little about Medicare and how it works.

I could relate to that- because I handled all of my mother in law’s financial affairs when she became incapacitated, and my biggest nightmare was Medicare. The paperwork was overwhelming and I didn’t have a clue how it worked, just like many of you.

My entire focus is helping seniors understand how Medicare works- what should be included in every plan design, and then we do the heavy lifting for you. It’s become my passion and now I’m able to help seniors throughout the nation.