The Coach's Program

  • The MEDICARE Coach™ Program serves Seniors nationwide.
  • We focus on a process vs. selling a product.
  • We gather information and listen for what you need before reacting.

What does this mean for you?

We will guide you through the Medicare enrollment process, provide advice based on your individual situation, and design a plan that we can implement together. We will serve as your guide, advisor and plan implementer and then be available each year thereafter to answer questions and review your plan on an annual basis.

Retired Couple

For Example:
One of our Medicare eligible clients came to us with a serious health condition that required treatment at Mayo Clinic. We advised her to get the supplement insurance plan that will pay for the 15% excess charges assessed by Mayo’s, and a prescription plan with no co-pays for generic medications. These two moves saved her thousands of dollars and she and her husband are extremely grateful.